About Julie Barnett, L.Ac, MTOM

Julie BarnettAfter earning a BA in English Literature from Rutgers University in 1990, Julie Barnett moved to Lake Tahoe to play, work and live in the beautiful Sierra. Several years later, she embarked on an ambitious journey into the world of Chinese medicine. After completing a rigorous four year program, Julie graduated summa cum laude from the esteemed Emperor’s College in Santa Monica. She earned the prestigious master’s degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine in 2002. She passed the California Acupuncture Board’s licensing exam with high marks. She then practiced acupuncture at UCLA, the first University in the country to offer acupuncture to its students and faculty, and also worked for several years in a busy community clinic in Los Angeles.

Julie’s acupuncture style incorporates her extensive training in Chinese medicine and vast knowledge of acupuncture and herbal medicine with various techniques she has learned along the way from Stephen Barr and other great teachers. The techniques that enhance the acupuncture process include drug and trauma clearing, microcosmic orbit meditation, allergy elimination techniques and deep energy work. Each treatment is tailored for a patient’s individual needs.

As a result of her ongoing training and life experience, she brings a depth of understanding and awareness of human nature to her practice. She takes the time to listen to the needs of her patients and encourages them to participate in their healing process. Julie uses her knowledge of herbal medicine, acupuncture and energy to guide people in their healing and to greater health awareness.